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Government Of Assam Home & Political Directorate of Forensic Science

Types of Cases received in Forensic Science Laboratory

  • Types of Cases received in Forensic Science Laboratory

    Depending on the nature of the examination required on different exhibits, the DFS, Assam is divided into 11 divisions. The nature of the exhibits received at the different divisions are given below :-

    • Ballistics Division – Firearm, Cartridges, Empty fired Cartridges, Fired Bullets, Hand swab (preferably cotton swab), etc.
    • Explosives Division – Explosives compound, suspected explosives, debris from the explosion site, cotton swab of explosion site, remnant of grenades, time devices, detonators, fuse wires and any component of IED, etc.
    • Physics Division – Cement, Gold, Paint, Cars and Trucks for erased numbers, audio tapes and cassettes, video cassettes, metallic parts for toolmarks, glass and any component from arson sites.
    • Questioned Documents Division – Fake currency notes, suspected documents, cheques for detection of handwriting of a person, stamp paper and legal paper, etc.
    • Drugs & Narcotics Division – deals with analysis of suspected powders, liquids, plant products, etc. Heroin, Cannabis, Opium, Amphetamine, Benzodiajoprenes.
    • Serology Division – Blood, semen, saliva, other body fluids, skin, tissue, etc. To ascertain whether they are of human origin and to establish their blood group and enzymic characterization.
    • Chemistry Division – Arson and fire residues, Petrol, Diesel and other motor oils, cosmetic, toiletry, cement, etc., unknown substances in the form of solids, liquids or gases, suspected Toddy liquor and adulterants, etc.
    • Biology Division – Hair, fibers, diatoms, plant material like wood, leaves, Seeds, fruit, flower, pollen, skull, Skeletal remains, tissues, skin of human and animal origin, flesh, rhinoceros horn, etc.
    • Toxicology Division – viscera and body fluid, suspected poisonous substances, bones, ash, skin, vomit, exhumed remnants.
    • Instrumentation Division- Computer , laptop, Pen drive, Memory card, memory device and Mobile Etc.
    • DNA Fingerprinting Unit- Blood, Seamen etc